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Welcome to our activity- and creativitycenter Paradijsvogels down South in the Netherlands.
We are situated in Cottessen (Vijlen) close to Maastricht( 25 km) and Aachen ( 10 Km).  If  you want a nice activity for your group ( teambuilding, sport, creativity, just fun or anywhere we can make a nice program  specialy for you. For instance you can attend a demonstration of sheep driving with dogs, play famersgolf, dutch highlandgames,  limestonecarving, painting a dutch wooden shoe with your own design,  making dutch cakes, a drive by tractor throug the nice envirement, a guided walk, several kinds of teambuilding and a lot more in our marvalous place in nature. We are specilised on groups of all kind.( employers, families, friends, students, or any group, My idea have your active birthday with us.).
Having a drink, lunch or for instance barbeque is possible on our Green Hotspot/terrasse

We speak English and also German.
"Rates" (In Dutch). We make a special offer if you ca sent us your programma of activities, time and day etc.

Paul Franssen
Telefone: +31-(0)6-46432582.
Adres: Cottessen 12 - 13, 6294 NE, Vijlen - Vaals.

Our rates are based on cash payement. You can have a bill, if neccesairy.  On all our activities the next  conditions are suiteble.
voorwaarden ( in Dutch).

Information about our activities

You can find our rates on our website under " Prijs"



Op de Hopschet 12-28 personen

Huize ten Bosch  4-10 personen

Hoeve ten Bosch 18-40 personen

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Paradijsvogels Groepsverblijven & Activiteitencentrum Buitenbezig
Bezoek aan de locatie kan alleen op afspraak Paul Franssen (schatbewaarder)
 Hopschet 6 6294 BL Vijlen 
Activiteitencentrum "Buitenbezig"
Bezoek aan de locatie kan alleen op afspraak Cottessen 12 6294 NE Vijlen 
* tel: +31646432582

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